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Year 6 Pratise SATS Week

This week Year 6 have had a practise SATS week. On Monday we didn’t have any papers to do. On Tuesday we did 2 maths papers: an arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper. The arithmetic was easier than the reasoning. On Wednesday we had a supply teacher therefore we didn’t do any papers. Yesterday we did a reading paper with was hard because we had to answer many questions. Today we have done a SPAG paper, a spelling paper and another reasoning paper. Some people, who read regularly, watched a film and missed the SPAG paper and spelling paper. The people who missed it have to do it after half term.


Christmas songs

Christmas is nearly here. We have stared our Christmas song well ks2 have. Year 6s song is band aid 30 i chosen it.


Moving to year6

On Monday the old year 5 moved to year 6.It was very fun and also a little bit is Friday today and since we came back to school Miss Pickup has been a very good teacher.Today we have being building pyramids,i worked with Mollie,and Lydia.we got the most likes.

we’ve had a very good time in year  6 so far.


Return of Miss Pickup!

Last week we had the best news EVER! We are having Miss Pickup in year 6 we had her in year five but she was training to be a qualified teacher and in year 6 shes coming back as a qualified teacher. YEY !!


Fun with Skitch

Here are a couple of the results from Year 6 when they added effects to pictures using skitch.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

jenna Declan And Bradley

Using learnpads

Year 6 enjoyed using skitch on the learn pads this week.





Year 6 scratch



Year 6 have been learning how to code. Take a look at some of their work in some of the posts on the blog.

Shauna and Conner p scratch work

Lizzie and Chloe’s scratch

Declan and John Paul’s scratch

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