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scratch is a game
you can animate lots of  characters.

Here is mine!



me and my partner Gabriel did this thing called scratch and it is like a character

who you control and command. then we did our letters. We hid them for 5

seconds and thats all i can remember

so bye!!!!

by Jake


Year 6 scratch



Year 6 have been learning how to code. Take a look at some of their work in some of the posts on the blog.

Shauna and Conner p scratch work

Lizzie and Chloe’s scratch

Declan and John Paul’s scratch

Stuff to do in your free time Scratch.

In computing this week we have been working on programming using scratch. It is a really good tool and everyone loved

it. There was a lot of good ones and here is one of them it was made by Shauna and Conner.p.

By Tyler and Shauna.

Mrs Farrell’s Scratch

I made this for the Year 6 lesson tomorrow.

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