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Letting the Butterflies go!!

Today we had to let the gorgeous coral butterflies go.We all gathered around in a circle whilst watching Miss Pickup stand in the middle letting them go she gently released them.But 1 or 2 of them was a bit mischievous they wouldn’t go and they were hiding underneath the tissue but we did get to release them.


Growing Plants

In year 5 we have been looking at life cycles of plants and we are growing some. They have all sprouted except from 1 which is probably mine !



on Monday 1 June caterpillars arrived in the yr 5 class room.Year 5 in science have been learning about animals life cycles so we have been sent some caterpillars to see how they grow and what they go through when there growing up.

i think the caterpillars will gradually get bigger and bigger and they finally start fluttering after they have grown a bit better in there cocoons.


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