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New Law!

The Government has brought a new law into to power well there is actually 2 new laws for school 1 for children not to were earings in P.E time. The other one is to know your times tables by Year 4 also there will be tests every so often. We year 6 had a test on Tuesday Charlotte who is helping me do this blog got 42 out of 48 and I (Shannon) got 44 out of 48.

Shannon Charlotte

going back to school

On Wednesday we all went back to school. Some people wanted to go back and some people didn’t. When we came back we had a new topic year 5 got Ancient Egypt we did facts,creating one and actually making one with clay and other materials you could of used clay,lollypop sticks and art straw.

Whole school Theatre trip

Today, the whole school went to the West Yorkshire playhouse. It was fun when the actors threw the huge peach into the crowd, everybody was laughing. Foundation stage went to see Father Christmas, And KS2 went to see James and the Giant peach. It was amazing because the actors were very realistic and the music was great.

James      100_1298

By Nathan R and Connor W

Christmas Fair

This afternoon we have got a christmas fair at 2:30. We might have a visit from Santa he has got presents.  From Shauna and Tyler

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