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To day after it had stopped raining we went out side for play time. There it was a big rainbow. It was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. DSC03185


At playtime we always play tig with are best friends which is Kasey, Gracie, Clarisa, Emma, Brogan, Kayley and Lewis. It is really fun and cool  we play it every day and all the time and at home Kasey plays out with us!!!!! We are always best friends and never not be friends!!!!!




At playtime me,Ellie,Kasey,Brogan,Lewis and Demi-Lee play tig family together. I am mostly always on. When I am on I can never get them all but when I do they are on with me. I defently can not get Lewis he is really fast! When Lewis is on he gets me strait away I have to always be on with him. When we go back into year 5 classroom we had to eat our lunch quickly because we had to set off to go to the leeds city museum we got to see lots of things I even dressed up. I dressed up as a panda and a tiger I looked funny.

By Abigaill

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