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year 3 school trip

yesterday we went on a school trip and saw a real life mummy . we did a workshop and we mummified a teddy .we also made a amulet to take home and show our parents our parents loved them.

year 3 school trip

year 3 went on a school trip yesterday and saw a real life mummy that was unraped. we went to a Egyptian workshop and mummified a teddy also did the steps of mummyfacaton. After that we made a amulet and we got to take them home and showed the to our parents.

year 3 museum trip

yesterday we went to Leeds city museum for a school trip. We looked at every room in the museum. The best part was the Roman room in the museum.

Year 3 museum trip

Yesterday we went into Leeds to visit the Leeds Museum. We saw a mummy and some papyrus.  My favourite bit was the mummy workshop because we pulled out a brain through the nose.

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