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New Law!

The Government has brought a new law into to power well there is actually 2 new laws for school 1 for children not to were earings in P.E time. The other one is to know your times tables by Year 4 also there will be tests every so often. We year 6 had a test on Tuesday Charlotte who is helping me do this blog got 42 out of 48 and I (Shannon) got 44 out of 48.

Shannon Charlotte

Mrs Read goes to Croatia!!!!!

Mrs Read went to Croatia and doesn’t know how much money she spent! So Mrs Read made us figure it out by using her recites. I worked with Kiera and we think the price she spent was ….. £204.60 !!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are not sure yet and neither does Mrs Read!Mrs Read found Croatian money pretty confusing.


Challenging maths

today we did maths and it was challenging we did place value it was fun but easy and hard does that make sense?

By the way

Lewis sneezed like a duck aquack thats what it sounded like

By aleah

challenging time

In year 5 Mrs Farrel has been teaching us time and it was very challinging some people thought it was easy some people thought it was hard but once you get used to it its not so hard so keep on trying to do your time its not so difficult.


Converting measures with milk

On Thursday morning in maths we were Converting measures with milk.We did it with Mrs Farrell.Mrs farrell got some milk cartons from reception inconspicuously and she measured how much milk there was in the carton.It was funny because Mrs Farrell nearly spilled  the milk on the table when she was pouring it.

we fund out that there are 568 ml’s in 1 pint

Destiny and Connor


There’s more than 10 way’s to make £50. For example £5 £10 £5 £10 £5 £10 £5.

Aleah and Thomas

Maths Curse

The Math Curse is a book it is about maths. We have been reading it and trying to work out the problems. For example we had to work out how many buttons were on the shirts.




by Kasey and Jacob

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