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Crazy Week

On Monday in our school we had a flood. On Tuesday the fire alarm went off many times during the night and Mr Jennings had to keep getting out of bed to turn it off! Even worse it was his birthday the next day! The electricity also went out on Tuesday as well therefore the children on school dinners couldn’t have their roast dinner. To make it more fun, in the hall we all sat on the floor as if it was a picnic. Yesterday everybody on school dinners had fish cakes because the chefs could still fry food. Today everyone on school dinners had sandwiches with wedges. The pudding is a big slice of cake with toffee ice cream which sounds delicious. Nobody knows whether we’ll be able to have hot dinners next week but I’m sure we’ll all cope either way.


Lunch time

Today at lunch time it was very noisy. I was sat next to my best friend Kiera and opposite Mrs Farrell. Today Teresa our  Chef came back. I had a packed lunch and it was delicious. 

By Abigail L

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