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Y5 museum trip

On Wednesday Y5 went to the museum in town. Two children were away sadly but everybody else had fun we had partners i was with Abigail. We saw a mummy its hands,head and feet were unbandaged it was really really creepy. Part of his ear and nose were cut off  creepy! There was a little game were you had to choose a Egyptian person like a rich lady or farmer so its like poor to rich also there were some  holes where you can feel whats inside them but you cant actually see it. One of them was a brain! It wasn’t real! If it was real it would be a mushy squishy thing eww. 

written by Kiera 


Black History Month

Was life good as a slave?

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Ancient Egypt /Howard Carter

This week in year 6 Destiny and Alexia have been learning about Howard Carter and it was really interesting and fun. We wrote a News Paper Report and we learned lots of new things about Tuts tomb discovery.At first i thought it was going to be boring but when we got into it it was actually very good.

Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon

We learnt about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb. They knew it was someone royal because it had a stamp to show it belonged to somebody royal.Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon were in Egypt for 31 years and they didn’t find anything till after 5 years .

By Mollie

history of grimes dyke

There was a person called grimes he built a ditch called grim`s ditch to protect grimes dyke from the Romans and it worked it was a good idea to do it he was a good man he protect grimes dyke.

by Gabriel and Jessica

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