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Today two of us (me and Niamh) finished our big write early so miss pickup told us to make the healthy eating dinner to enter it to the school dinner competition, to see if we could be the winner and get the dinner as a dinner to eat. Our dinner is chicken curry, rice, corm on the cob and naan bread “Yummy” they said.I wanted to have our dinner as stew, chicken stew with dumplings that’s what I would say “Yummy”.


Rhino’s visit !

On the 9th of October a man from the Rhino’s team came to our school and told us about what the Rhino’s do and eat. He told us that they have 57 people that play for the Rhino’s. He put on a video of Ronny exercising, and the point of it was showing us how to keep fit and healthy.

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Nathan R and Charlotte C

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