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Romans are belive in gods

Romans believe in Gods because they are their ancestors.


By Edward

A fact about Romans

In the olden days the Romans used to get a bath in a pool .

By Lacie mae and Faith

roman gods and goddesses

Venus is our favorite god . what is yours? She was the goddess of love and beauty. Jupiter was the most powerful god of all he could even change into animals.

Kaylani and Amy.


All about Gods and godesses

Zeus is the king of all gods and goddesses he is the god of lightning and thunder he is the one that maryed his sister he lives in Mount Olympus and he holds lightning bolts.




by logan R and Laim

Greek gods

Hades is the god of underworld.

The Greeks

What is your favourite Greek god?

Use the comments section to tell everyone your favourite Greek god and why it’s your favourite.

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