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Cricket rounders

Tuesday in year 4 we played Cricket rounders with Mr postal we were in teams of fielders and batters.  people was very fast runners.   Mr postal threw the ball low down to reach and bat the ball and our team lost.

From Amelia, Kadie    


Cricket in P.E. BAD CHARLIE!!

P.E. was not fun, charlie in year 6 almost killed me(Jenna). I shouted him lodes of times but he still didn’t listen, well it all started when us year 6’s were playing Cricket. It came to charlies turn when it was the first round and Mr Postle threw the ball on about Charlie’s 3rd go of bating and running  and then that’s when he hit the ball and it came rushing past my neck. Well if you’re wondering why i’m complaining it was only because the sun was my eyes. So yes the ball came right past me and it was next to my neck!!!It almost killed me…


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