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The new bloggers

Yesterday we finally got our new bloggers and they are Abigail and Abigaill both in year 5. They’re both blogging right now. Abigaill W  is writing about her sleepover and the other Abigail L is writing about lunchtime and she is even including me how nice of Abigail L no wonder she is my best friend.

Before Aleah left we made a song and we never got to finish writing it. We ran out of time it was

happy llama, sad llama, totally disturb, super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama

llama llama llama who is that llama llama llama ….. is that llama!

By Kiera 

A new y5 blogging space available

Sadly Aleah has quit blogging and Clarisa has took her place for today. So if any y5 children responce to this blog they will make it on the list to becoming the blogger and a partner with me Kiera. You can do so many things well not exacly. You do blogs you can put pictures font but only bold and italic so it is fun being a blogger its not only typing on a computer  its really interesting so come and join the blogging world.   

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