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The Queens Birthday

Yesterday it was the queens birthday and she turned ninety. She had a massive party with her family. On a night time the queen beacons are put in lots of different places. The Queen has cornflakes and toast with marmalade. The people that are going to be king next  are prince Charles then prince William and then prince George. The Queen has lots of songs too. She sometimes gets animals for her birthday and puts them in a zoo


by Abigaill W and Gracie M

Queen’s Birthday!!!!

It was the queen’s birthday 2016 thursday 21 st of April. And i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEEN !!!.


by jake

my birthday

On december the 2 its my birthday and cant wait I am going to be 11 “yes” my mum is taking me shopping on the friday I want some new shoes if I get some I will be happy

Shannon x

My brothers birthday

On Wednesday it was my baby brothers birthday,he turned one. All of our cousins and friends came and we had an amazing party,we played pass the parcel,musical statues,craziest dancer,pin the tail on the donkey and best macorana dancer.There were thousands of sweets on the table. I won craziest dancer and best macorana dancer. We had lot’s of fun! The next day I was off school because I ate too many sweets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By Abigail Larkin 

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