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Assembly Surprise

This morning in assembly there was one person from each class who won a prize because there’s a contest on best dream house. I am one of the people that won I won a arts and craft kit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     By Abigail Larkin

Our own hacker

Today in assembly 2 classes did the hacker .Them groups were y6 and y5. I don’t know who really was in the year 6 group but I know who was in the year 5 group .Those  people were Kadie, Aleah , Abigail L , Demi  and me Kiera so we did basically a competition  and I think year 6 won they might of got the most votes. 


this was our hacker

peanut butter

recess cup

you mess with us we kick your butt

our hand are high our feet are low

and thats the way the wild five go

we got it ( grrr ) we got it  ( grrr ) AGHHHHHHHH!!!!

written by Kiera

Remembrance Sunday !

DSC00866On Wednesday we all cut out a poppy and did an assembly on the soldiers that have died we also did the 2 minute silence.We then took it year group by year group and stuck them on a pillar in the KS2 hall.


Leaver’s Assembly

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house today!  It was the Year 6’s leavers assembly.  The staff thoroughly embarrassed the whole class with their memories of the children.  Mrs Wilcox had also written a fabulous poem about the whole class but couldn’t bring herself to read it out, so Mrs Smith did.  Well done Mrs Smith – you held it together!

We will miss you all – good luck at High School!

DSC02635 DSC02637 DSC02638 DSC02639 DSC02641 DSC02648 DSC02649 DSC02650 DSC02652

Miss Mclean’s gardening assembly

Miss Mclean did a assembly about the allotment and big dig.She explained that the soil in the allotment needed to be turned over and some broad beans needed to be planted.Last year a group of children out of each class came out to the allotment to do a big dig.I was one of the children it was really fun .

Mollie and Rio

GD’s big dig

On Thursday morning we had a assembly about GD’s big Dig. It was basically because Mrs Tonkin has retired so Miss Mclean did an assembly about Gardening. She told us that the garden needs us and that we can keep it nice and tidy for the summer so it could survive.

By Nathan and Charlotte

DSC00018                 DSC00022

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