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Everybody has pets , well not everybody,  people love pets , some people dont but me and Aleah love animals . Aleah has a dog called Tyson, a rabbit called Captain Nibbles and and fish and Aleah thinks its fat / pregnant .

I have a dog called Sandor hes a hungarain vizla , a rabbit called Marley but not the one thats in y6 or 5 we sadly got rid of him , 5 cobra red guppies and a chihuaha called Mojo shes now at my grandmas now with a friend .

Me and kiera made a song

kiera and aleah

South Africa


Lots of animals live in south africa like the big 5 and the big five is an african group of animals that are a lion, a african elephant, a cape buffalo, black or white rhino and leopards.

Lots more animals live in south africa than the big 5 the rest of the animals are cheetahs,ostritches,jaguars , gazzsels and more.

Nelson Mandela!!!

In the first week of year 5 we learnt about south africa we did nelson mandela he got sent to prison from trying to overthrow the goverment and treason.

Kiera and Aleah

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