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The catterpillars dying

Recently year 5 have had some caterpillars but unfortunately they found out that Mrs Farell had killed them.So hopfully we will get some more before we go into year 6.

connor and destiny


on Monday 1 June caterpillars arrived in the yr 5 class room.Year 5 in science have been learning about animals life cycles so we have been sent some caterpillars to see how they grow and what they go through when there growing up.

i think the caterpillars will gradually get bigger and bigger and they finally start fluttering after they have grown a bit better in there cocoons.


Y5 Animal Posters

In Year 5 we have been working on Rainforest Animals. We created animals like Jaguars and Anacondas and stuck them on a piece of big paper and then wrote some facts about them to make posters.

Amazon pictures 016Amazon pictures 006

Nathan R and Charlotte

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