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Greek gods

Hades is the god of underworld.



Its part man and part bull.

The Greeks

What is your favourite Greek god?

Use the comments section to tell everyone your favourite Greek god and why it’s your favourite.

What we did at Robinwood

On the 22nd  of March year 6 went to Robinwood for there residential.When we got there we met our team leaders.We also had to do a big hike to the castle lookly we dident have to pull our suitcases and bags up the massive hill. It was a long way  up and we was exhausted! When we got to the castle the team leaders showed our room then we had dinner then we did activeites like zip wire,Trapize, caving,rock climbing and loads more. We had so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

By Ben, gracie and brogan

The Mayans 

We are learnig about the Mayans in class we had a drink with chilly and milk also hot coco some people liked it and some did not

Our maths display

Here is a photo of a display of our maths preparing for sats​

Year 6 residential to Robinwood

This our display of our trip to Robinwood. Year 6 went on a residential to Robinwood from the 22nd of March to the 24th.We took part in many fun activities. Even the teachers took part! We were really scared about caving because we’re both claustrophobic-but we survived!!!!! 🙂 In the end we were REALLY REALLY EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :\  On the first night nobody wanted to go to sleep. Then on the second night everyone was asleep in 5 minutes!!!!!!!


All year 6 in are joyful trip to robin wood it was spectaculartime st robin wood the people was vary nice

Mission control

On Friday this week and last week we did a game called Mission Control and it’s quiet tricky.

It’s a game were you learn about input’s and output’s you do challenge’s and there are up too 20 challenge’s and you need too stop a evil man / bandit it’s very very good and tricky and I mean tricky.





By Thomas








scratch is a game
you can animate lots of  characters.

Here is mine!


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