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world book day

on Thursday Mrs Farrel came into y6 classroom and we did our 5 top favourite books.

Here is me reading out mine.

<p><a href=”″>destiny</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Grimesdyke Primary</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The Wolves in the Walls

This week we had a classroom invasion. We had a ripped up letter on the table with missing parts to it about an 11 year old girl called Lucy. Our classroom had different eyes stapled to the walls and some even had claw marks scratched into them. At the end we all found out it was a set-up but we have a new book in Literacy: the wolves in the walls.


Year 6 Pratise SATS Week

This week Year 6 have had a practise SATS week. On Monday we didn’t have any papers to do. On Tuesday we did 2 maths papers: an arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper. The arithmetic was easier than the reasoning. On Wednesday we had a supply teacher therefore we didn’t do any papers. Yesterday we did a reading paper with was hard because we had to answer many questions. Today we have done a SPAG paper, a spelling paper and another reasoning paper. Some people, who read regularly, watched a film and missed the SPAG paper and spelling paper. The people who missed it have to do it after half term.


Safer Internet Day

On Thursday Mrs Farrell came into the year 6 class and taught us a bit more about how to be safe online.We had to do some freeze frames and i went into a group with:Chloe,Mollie and Alexia.

Safer internet Day

On the fourth of February y6 was learning about how to be safe online.We was learning about how people would feel if people where getting bullied or they were getting hurt by other people.


High school

5 MONTHS!!!!!! I’m so shocked I go to high school in 5 months but I applied late so I might not get in to one.The lady my mum gave it to said I will get in to it. I want to go to John Smeaton Academy.


New Law!

The Government has brought a new law into to power well there is actually 2 new laws for school 1 for children not to were earings in P.E time. The other one is to know your times tables by Year 4 also there will be tests every so often. We year 6 had a test on Tuesday Charlotte who is helping me do this blog got 42 out of 48 and I (Shannon) got 44 out of 48.

Shannon Charlotte

DYCA assessment

Today me, Kennedy, Kelsey and Joshua S had an assessment to get into DYCA for High School. There were lots of children and we sat in a sports hall at a desk each. Each section of the paper (4 sections) had different tasks including finding the odd one out and which one comes next in the pattern.


Christmas songs

Christmas is nearly here. We have stared our Christmas song well ks2 have. Year 6s song is band aid 30 i chosen it.


Our own hacker

Today in assembly 2 classes did the hacker .Them groups were y6 and y5. I don’t know who really was in the year 6 group but I know who was in the year 5 group .Those  people were Kadie, Aleah , Abigail L , Demi  and me Kiera so we did basically a competition  and I think year 6 won they might of got the most votes. 


this was our hacker

peanut butter

recess cup

you mess with us we kick your butt

our hand are high our feet are low

and thats the way the wild five go

we got it ( grrr ) we got it  ( grrr ) AGHHHHHHHH!!!!

written by Kiera

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