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Mission control

On Friday this week and last week we did a game called Mission Control and it’s quiet tricky.

It’s a game were you learn about input’s and output’s you do challenge’s and there are up too 20 challenge’s and you need too stop a evil man / bandit it’s very very good and tricky and I mean tricky.





By Thomas








scratch is a game
you can animate lots of  characters.

Here is mine!


Challenging maths

today we did maths and it was challenging we did place value it was fun but easy and hard does that make sense?

By the way

Lewis sneezed like a duck aquack thats what it sounded like

By aleah

Missing Mona Lisa

in the holidays the priceless Mona Lisa was stolen by well we think that it was stolen by a tall man all in black.But we did find it today.



on Monday 1 June caterpillars arrived in the yr 5 class room.Year 5 in science have been learning about animals life cycles so we have been sent some caterpillars to see how they grow and what they go through when there growing up.

i think the caterpillars will gradually get bigger and bigger and they finally start fluttering after they have grown a bit better in there cocoons.


How to be an MP

You have to be a very good at the job and commited to do the job. There is 260 Mp’s in the world.You have to get up early to get to work.You have to work well and when its your time to speak you have to speak loudly and clearly to have a speak in the  Houses of Parliament.

By Emily.

polling station

On Thursday it was election day and in KS 1 hall we had a polling station where people can vote. Miss read checked with 1 of the guards if we could go and have a look at the polling station.As we got there we had 2 minutes and then we were told to go out because no children are allowed in.With our 2 minutes we saw a woman choosing her party we also saw a security

guard guarding the entrance.

By Destiny and Connor


On Tuesday Mrs  Read give the class our own photo of us and changed it to what we might look like when we get older.

When we turned the photo over everyone were laughing because we had a surprise when we looked at ourselves.The next day in the afternoon we brung in photos of us when we was a baby.After as we where finishing of our art work we had a little baby quiz,we had to look at the photos and try guess who it was.

DSC00374 DSC00375

Destiny and Connor

Houses Of Parliament Art !

As we’ve been learning about the General Election and the Houses Of Parliament Mrs Read saw a photo by Claude Monet that we had to  copy but restyle it in our own style.It was a fun peice of art some students did dark colours but some other students did bright and pretty colours we all enjoyed Mrs Reads art lesson as always.

Mollie Yr5

party leaders

In ICT lessons with Mrs Farrell we learnt about the party leaders. We up loaded paper on to the computer and filled them in by searching on the computer for the right website.

My faviroute fact is that David Cameron is 48.


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