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me and my partner Gabriel did this thing called scratch and it is like a character

who you control and command. then we did our letters. We hid them for 5

seconds and thats all i can remember

so bye!!!!

by Jake


No swimming!

Every wedneday y4 go swimming but this week we dident.

Because the school bus would not come  because    there was

a huge traficjam and the bus got stuck in it.

by Emma

The trip to leeds

on the 26th April y3 and y4  got on a coach to leeds.

everyone was in groups and one our  assignments was to find

a nelson mandela garden.  then we picked a sculpture and drew it

Julius Caesar

My sister came home from school the other day and she was telling every one about Julius Caeser that came to school. She thought he was real then when she went to school some one must have told he was fake because that all she was saying.


Roman Numerals

In maths this week we’ve been learning Roman numbers ,Roman addition and Roman secret words.On Monday we started to do 1 to 10 then the next day we did 1 to 100.

Here is 1 to 5








This week and last week year 4 were learning about rivers and the sections of a river. We learnt about the source of a river that is the start of a river that section is called the upper course were a river begins. There’s a meandering part of a river that’s a winding path that goes faster as it goes down near the sea or the ocean .The middle section of a river is called a middle course. The end of a river when the river goes into the sea or ocean its called a mouth it gets really fast and that’s called the old river where the river goes really wide into the sea.

By Kayley year 4 

Cricket rounders

Tuesday in year 4 we played Cricket rounders with Mr postal we were in teams of fielders and batters.  people was very fast runners.   Mr postal threw the ball low down to reach and bat the ball and our team lost.

From Amelia, Kadie    


Govners day

On Governers day we decide on what things to have at school and they wood see how good we are at learning in school.

And  they told us what toys we coud have to play for wet play or outside toys.



world book day

We dressed up as a book character and different activity’s in class rooms.

We brought are own favorite books from home to read younger children  or older children.

We drew a new book cover  for are favorite book.

In year 4 we clay scorchers of our favorite book character.

Also in year 4 we did water color picture of are favorite character.

Year 2 read to year 4.

By Amelia-kadie

Year 4             

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