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Romans in brittania

The gladiators used to fight in a stadium.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by Scarlett p and Evie k

Romans Information.

You haft to be in Roman army for at least 25 years. Romans fight the Celts. Romans built roads so the horses can pass and dont get muddy.

by Ruby and Harry


The Romans was mighty men.


by Codie and liam

Rotten romans

The Romans are the most smart army in the world and they also built roads and building.  Romans had the biggest army in the world and they were also the smartest army because they built roads and buildings.

Rotten Romans

Fun fact: Romans were Gladiators and built roads and fought in the Colosseum.


Jayden J

A fact about Romans

In the olden days the Romans used to get a bath in a pool .

By Lacie mae and Faith

are Romans good

Romans are from Rome Italy

THE roman empire

the roman army invaded all the world.

also the romans built roads that keep water from flooding.

By Thomas and Bailey




Romans life’s

If Romans wanted a bath they would get into a tub and  a slave would poor water on them. 

by Ellie and Charlotte


The Romans were famous for building  roads.



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