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All about Gods and godesses

Zeus is the king of all gods and goddesses he is the god of lightning and thunder he is the one that maryed his sister he lives in Mount Olympus and he holds lightning bolts.




by logan R and Laim


Greek gods

Zeus is the king of the gods. Afridety is the god of beuty and love.

Greeks facts

Greeks made lots of thing for us like automatic doors ,water machine, robots and different things.


























































the greeks made vending machines what is awsome.

Greek gods

Hades is the god of underworld.


Its part man and part bull.

The saxons

The wall was made out of binca and was 70m long.  King Harold got an arrow in his eye at the battle of hastings.It was made in 1066 at the battel of hasting.It was in the saxons times.


millie and kadie


the wall is 70 m long. king harold got shot in the eay whith a arrow




from annie and connor

Bayeux Tapestry

The bayeux tapestry is made from thread and it’s 70 meters long.

rubyc and  jorj


I learned about the Saxons that King Harold got shot in the eye by an arrow. normans was building camp and they fight.

Carmelo and havey

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