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BABY so cute

Today we did a baby competion in year 5, it was really fun when we did it, it wasn’t about winning it was about having fun.

There were 4 people who won in first,second and third.       In 3rd place is Bradley,in 2nd was Mckenzie AND IN FIRST PLACE WAS 2 PEOPLE WITH 23 OUT OF 26 AND THEY WERE KASEY AND BROGAN AND THEY WERE VERY GOOD.


Here are our baby pictures!  Can you guess who is who?


By Thomas and Josh


Myst III is a Game/Story quest game.

You need to do things and you meet weird people and some help some don’t. We use myst for our writing because this half term year 5 aren’t doing big write !

By Thomas and Joshua

Viking Longships

Yesterday we made viking long ships,we all had a choice either follow instructions and a template or make your own with a partner but you didn’t have to. Gracie made her own with a partner and Kadie did the same but with a different partner.Today we are finishing them off and we might get to paint them.


By Kadie and Gracie






Are new Topic is the vikings we learnt that they lived up to 1000 or 100 years.We wrote on a piece of paper about vikings lots and lots of  facts !!!!



At playtime we always play tig with are best friends which is Kasey, Gracie, Clarisa, Emma, Brogan, Kayley and Lewis. It is really fun and cool  we play it every day and all the time and at home Kasey plays out with us!!!!! We are always best friends and never not be friends!!!!!




Does anybody know the incredible book eating boy? we do. It’s a book really funny its about a boy who eats books. His favourite is red books then he gets brainey and he knows more than his teacher. It’s really fun you should read the book !!!!!!!



Today we are leaning about harry potter we all came to school dressed as characters in harry potter.This morning we did big write and we wrote a letter to proffeser dumbledore and we was pretending to be harry potter!After on the computers we had to find out the size of a baby dolphin,size of a man and how wide!



On a Friday I afternoon with mrs Farrell we go to the ICT sweet in school. We learn about podcasts and my partner was Keira. Keira always gets to listen to the podcast first and I always listen to it second. I like doing podcasts because you get to speak into a mikrophone. I have to answer to Keira’s question.


By Abigaill Wheatley

Hacker Voting

On the 17th of November, my group won the vote. In my group there was Kadie, Aleah, Kiera, Demi-Leigh they were the ones in my group.Every group made their own Hacker up then we did a vote on who gets to show it in assembly ours was chosen it went like this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Peanut Butter Resses cup you mess with us will kick your but are hands are high are feet are low and that’s the way the year 5’s go we got it arrrrgh       we got it arrrrgh       aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Written by Abigail Larkin

Our own hacker

Today in assembly 2 classes did the hacker .Them groups were y6 and y5. I don’t know who really was in the year 6 group but I know who was in the year 5 group .Those  people were Kadie, Aleah , Abigail L , Demi  and me Kiera so we did basically a competition  and I think year 6 won they might of got the most votes. 


this was our hacker

peanut butter

recess cup

you mess with us we kick your butt

our hand are high our feet are low

and thats the way the wild five go

we got it ( grrr ) we got it  ( grrr ) AGHHHHHHHH!!!!

written by Kiera

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