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The Greeks

What is your favourite Greek god?

Use the comments section to tell everyone your favourite Greek god and why it’s your favourite.

The Queens Birthday

Yesterday it was the queens birthday and she turned ninety. She had a massive party with her family. On a night time the queen beacons are put in lots of different places. The Queen has cornflakes and toast with marmalade. The people that are going to be king next  are prince Charles then prince William and then prince George. The Queen has lots of songs too. She sometimes gets animals for her birthday and puts them in a zoo


by Abigaill W and Gracie M

Queen’s Birthday!!!!

It was the queen’s birthday 2016 thursday 21 st of April. And i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEEN !!!.


by jake

lord mayors visit

on the 31 st march grimes dyke had to decorate a T-shirt for  autism aweness

week. And there is going to be prizes to be given by the lord mayor  on april 1 st.

by Emma and Jake

LADY MAYOR !!!!!!!!

The lady mayor came to are school and ellie showed them around.The lady mayor came with a man called john  and he was dressed like a pilot.We showed them around  are school it was really fun!!!!!!!!


Easter Parade

Today we did an Easter parade and we got to see all the Easter Bonnet hats.There was a competition in ks1 the winners get delicous Easter eggs.Some of the Easter Bonnets lit up,some were really big and tall and some were small.DSC03582

By Kadie & Gracie

Sport Relief

Today is Sport Relief, we could wear red or something sporty. If we didn’t wear our school uniform we had to bring £1 to donate to Sport Relief. Sometimes people bring in more! I wore my red Majorettes uniform, which is very comfy. Miss Chuen is doing Zumba with each class to raise money. She will be exhausted by the end of the day. Zumba is fun, I enjoy doing because Miss Chuen is very good instructor.


Tag Rugby

Yesterday at tag rugby I slipped over and twisted both of my ankles. I did cry for a while but I could soon just about walk. I’m limping a little bit now but it doesn’t really hurt anymore. When I try to run it’s really funny because I kind of gallop.


World Book Day

Yesterday was world book day. We were allowed to to dress up as a book character and some people also dressed a potato as a book character as well. This year I dressed up as Winnie the Witch.The people who dressed a potato were entered into a school competition. The winner from key stage 2 was Aleah in y5 who dressed it as The Cat in The Hat. The winner in Key Stage 1 was Ellis in y1 who dressed it as The Hungry Caterpillar and the winner in Foundation Stage was Lexie in Reception who dressed it as Mary Poppins.



Yesterday was world book day, we all went to school dress as book characters and we all decorated potatoes as book characters it was really really fun !!!!!!!!!


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