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Take one picture

This week in Grimes Dyke we did Take One picture we have done the picture called Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir we have specialy gone to year 2 to have a look at what they were doing:Making their own umbrellas from scrach,And doing clay models and as a class a big umberella.


Take 1 picture week at Grimes Dyke!

This week ( take one picture week) Grimes Dyke have been focusing on a picture named ” The Umbrellas” by Pierre-Augustus Renoir. We decided to visit year 3 and interview their teacher and a child. In year 3 they did: color mixing; looked at impressionism art; studied the Eiffel Tower; wrote a news article about what they thought the people were doing in the picture; learned how to draw pears; drew water lilies and decorated umbrellas.” they did other things as well as that” Miss Mosby (their teacher) explained.

Lilly ( a child in year 3) said she enjoyed everything but didn’t really like coloring with crayons. Other than that she enjoyed everything else.

By Kiera and Clarisa! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Take one picture

Year 2

This year in Grimes Dyke Primary school in take one picture the picture we had was called The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


hades is the the god the underworls

all about the gods

some gods

Greek gods

Zeus is the king of the gods. Afridety is the god of beuty and love.

Greeks facts

Greeks made lots of thing for us like automatic doors ,water machine, robots and different things.


























































the greeks made vending machines what is awsome.

Greek Gods

Greek gods

Hades is the god of underworld.

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