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Nearly broke my neck

On Wednesday I nearly broke my neck! Should I tell you how, yes I should ,so were should I start.

Well first I was dizzy so that’s a start and I wasn’t looking were I was going and I was having too much fun and my sister only strapped the bottom strap because my trampoline has 3 zip’s and again my sister only strapped the bottom and I fell off it and the side of my neck and a bit off my head at the side and guess what I landed on GUESS         Solid Concrete yep and I had to go to Hospital yes it was that bad but since I’m doing this blog I happily didn’t break my neck but I was quiet close too breaking it.

Can’t wait to do next week’s blog good bye





By Thomas

sleep over

today I m going to a sleep over she has a dog I love dog’s .

I m going because my mum & dad went horse racing to.


by josh

Merry Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas.Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Have you put up your lights? I love Christmas.It’s my favourite time of the year.My Christmas tree is so big it is covered in baubles and tinsel.

By Shannon

Fishtank day

Today I got a new fish and it is dorie we even called it dorie. After school we came to see it and it was black, yellow and blue. I love the Christmas songs but I like the fish better but I don’t mean the fish that you eat! Can I tell you a joke why do people go near fire while going to work?Cause your a firerwork ha ha ha ha ha that is the end of  y story!

my birthday

On december the 2 its my birthday and cant wait I am going to be 11 “yes” my mum is taking me shopping on the friday I want some new shoes if I get some I will be happy

Shannon x

Yesterdays surprise

Yesterday after school I went to the shop and I got two things the things I got are a scrapbook and a painting. First I did the painting it was a Christmas painting and it had numbers on it so I know which  colour to do it. It took me until I had my tea. I did not do my scrapbook because I did not have time to do it because I had to go to bed but I am having a go tonight I think it will be fun it has got lots of things inside it so that I can make lots of things.


By Abigaill Wheatley

My brothers birthday

On Wednesday it was my baby brothers birthday,he turned one. All of our cousins and friends came and we had an amazing party,we played pass the parcel,musical statues,craziest dancer,pin the tail on the donkey and best macorana dancer.There were thousands of sweets on the table. I won craziest dancer and best macorana dancer. We had lot’s of fun! The next day I was off school because I ate too many sweets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By Abigail Larkin 


On a Friday after school I sleepover at my anti Dorothy’s house. I bring lots of things. The things I bring are my Tablet,phone,books,coloring books,writing books and monopoly. last night I went to the optitions and I had to wait for a long time. First I went in to the room where you put your chin on the gold chin thing and you look through the camera. then I went into the next room to check if I need some glasses I did not need glasses I saw some lovely glasses.

By Abigaill

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