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Did you now roman’s gave us road’s  and  pea’s and carrot’s

By jack,kayden and  alfie







it took 15000 romans to build hadrian’s wall.                                                  by kam



Did you know if you won a battle you could take the riches…


by:Charlie C    and Gian

The Romans

Did you know that the Romans became famous for building roads.

By Georgia


3 legions [15000 men] built Harridans wall.

By Riley M and Hayden
















15000 Romans built HAIDRIANS  wall  From peyton  and April

Rotten Romans

Did you  know that 3 legions needed to build Hadrian’s wall.


Romans are belive in gods

Romans believe in Gods because they are their ancestors.


By Edward

roman love

the roman army killed all the celts




the romans build a road. The road was made out of rocks and

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