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The Greeks

What is your favourite Greek god?

Use the comments section to tell everyone your favourite Greek god and why it’s your favourite.

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11 thoughts on “The Greeks

  1. Logan R on said:

    My favourite god is Apollo because if he was my friend he’d help if i got hert he’d heal me because he’s the god of medicine

  2. Kaden on said:

    my favourite god is Hades because he is the god of the underworld

  3. Logan and Reece on said:

    Reece’s fravoite god is zues logan’s fravite is apollo

  4. Keon on said:

    My favorite god is zeus because he has a lightning bolt

  5. Daniel and Thomas W on said:

    Zeas is the boss of gods and Zeas is the best of all.

  6. Logan r on said:

    lolp lol


  7. thomas RB on said:

    my fravouite god is zeus he dos not let you have touchis

  8. Ella on said:

    Athena is my favroite god because she is the goddess of war.p.s i love the goddess of war.Ella

  9. jake on said:

    the goddess what i like is aphroditie

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