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Nearly broke my neck

On Wednesday I nearly broke my neck! Should I tell you how, yes I should ,so were should I start.

Well first I was dizzy so that’s a start and I wasn’t looking were I was going and I was having too much fun and my sister only strapped the bottom strap because my trampoline has 3 zip’s and again my sister only strapped the bottom and I fell off it and the side of my neck and a bit off my head at the side and guess what I landed on GUESS         Solid Concrete yep and I had to go to Hospital yes it was that bad but since I’m doing this blog I happily didn’t break my neck but I was quiet close too breaking it.

Can’t wait to do next week’s blog good bye





By Thomas

sleep over

today I m going to a sleep over she has a dog I love dog’s .

I m going because my mum & dad went horse racing to.


by josh

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