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Mission control

On Friday this week and last week we did a game called Mission Control and it’s quiet tricky.

It’s a game were you learn about input’s and output’s you do challenge’s and there are up too 20 challenge’s and you need too stop a evil man / bandit it’s very very good and tricky and I mean tricky.





By Thomas








scratch is a game
you can animate lots of  characters.

Here is mine!



me and my partner Gabriel did this thing called scratch and it is like a character

who you control and command. then we did our letters. We hid them for 5

seconds and thats all i can remember

so bye!!!!

by Jake


Nearly broke my neck

On Wednesday I nearly broke my neck! Should I tell you how, yes I should ,so were should I start.

Well first I was dizzy so that’s a start and I wasn’t looking were I was going and I was having too much fun and my sister only strapped the bottom strap because my trampoline has 3 zip’s and again my sister only strapped the bottom and I fell off it and the side of my neck and a bit off my head at the side and guess what I landed on GUESS         Solid Concrete yep and I had to go to Hospital yes it was that bad but since I’m doing this blog I happily didn’t break my neck but I was quiet close too breaking it.

Can’t wait to do next week’s blog good bye





By Thomas

sleep over

today I m going to a sleep over she has a dog I love dog’s .

I m going because my mum & dad went horse racing to.


by josh

BABY so cute

Today we did a baby competion in year 5, it was really fun when we did it, it wasn’t about winning it was about having fun.

There were 4 people who won in first,second and third.       In 3rd place is Bradley,in 2nd was Mckenzie AND IN FIRST PLACE WAS 2 PEOPLE WITH 23 OUT OF 26 AND THEY WERE KASEY AND BROGAN AND THEY WERE VERY GOOD.


Here are our baby pictures!  Can you guess who is who?


By Thomas and Josh

No swimming!

Every wedneday y4 go swimming but this week we dident.

Because the school bus would not come  because    there was

a huge traficjam and the bus got stuck in it.

by Emma

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