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Easter Parade

Today we did an Easter parade and we got to see all the Easter Bonnet hats.There was a competition in ks1 the winners get delicous Easter eggs.Some of the Easter Bonnets lit up,some were really big and tall and some were small.DSC03582

By Kadie & Gracie

Sport Relief

Today is Sport Relief, we could wear red or something sporty. If we didn’t wear our school uniform we had to bring £1 to donate to Sport Relief. Sometimes people bring in more! I wore my red Majorettes uniform, which is very comfy. Miss Chuen is doing Zumba with each class to raise money. She will be exhausted by the end of the day. Zumba is fun, I enjoy doing because Miss Chuen is very good instructor.


Viking Longships

Yesterday we made viking long ships,we all had a choice either follow instructions and a template or make your own with a partner but you didn’t have to. Gracie made her own with a partner and Kadie did the same but with a different partner.Today we are finishing them off and we might get to paint them.


By Kadie and Gracie





Tag Rugby

Yesterday at tag rugby I slipped over and twisted both of my ankles. I did cry for a while but I could soon just about walk. I’m limping a little bit now but it doesn’t really hurt anymore. When I try to run it’s really funny because I kind of gallop.


The saxons

The wall was made out of binca and was 70m long.  King Harold got an arrow in his eye at the battle of hastings.It was made in 1066 at the battel of hasting.It was in the saxons times.


millie and kadie


I am learning about the bayeux tapestry. I am pleast because  i know alot about the bayeux tapestry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        JACK AND MARSEL


the wall is 70 m long. king harold got shot in the eay whith a arrow




from annie and connor

Bayeux Tapestry

The bayeux tapestry is made from thread and it’s 70 meters long.

rubyc and  jorj


I learned about the Saxons that King Harold got shot in the eye by an arrow. normans was building camp and they fight.

Carmelo and havey

Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry is 70 metres long with pictures of what happend.

Harrled got shot in the eye by a archer.

The battle of Hasting in 1066.

Lewis and Liam and Eva







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