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Our First Podcast!

Today the new podcasting club published their first podcast!  Have a listen!


Crazy Week

On Monday in our school we had a flood. On Tuesday the fire alarm went off many times during the night and Mr Jennings had to keep getting out of bed to turn it off! Even worse it was his birthday the next day! The electricity also went out on Tuesday as well therefore the children on school dinners couldn’t have their roast dinner. To make it more fun, in the hall we all sat on the floor as if it was a picnic. Yesterday everybody on school dinners had fish cakes because the chefs could still fry food. Today everyone on school dinners had sandwiches with wedges. The pudding is a big slice of cake with toffee ice cream which sounds delicious. Nobody knows whether we’ll be able to have hot dinners next week but I’m sure we’ll all cope either way.



To day after it had stopped raining we went out side for play time. There it was a big rainbow. It was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. DSC03185


At playtime we always play tig with are best friends which is Kasey, Gracie, Clarisa, Emma, Brogan, Kayley and Lewis. It is really fun and cool  we play it every day and all the time and at home Kasey plays out with us!!!!! We are always best friends and never not be friends!!!!!



High school

5 MONTHS!!!!!! I’m so shocked I go to high school in 5 months but I applied late so I might not get in to one.The lady my mum gave it to said I will get in to it. I want to go to John Smeaton Academy.



Does anybody know the incredible book eating boy? we do. It’s a book really funny its about a boy who eats books. His favourite is red books then he gets brainey and he knows more than his teacher. It’s really fun you should read the book !!!!!!!



Yesterday it snowed for quite a while and it was blowing us all away during playtime. The wind was really strong but eventually it stopped and the sun came out. We haven’t had proper snow in ages.


Julius Caesar

My sister came home from school the other day and she was telling every one about Julius Caeser that came to school. She thought he was real then when she went to school some one must have told he was fake because that all she was saying.



Today we are leaning about harry potter we all came to school dressed as characters in harry potter.This morning we did big write and we wrote a letter to proffeser dumbledore and we was pretending to be harry potter!After on the computers we had to find out the size of a baby dolphin,size of a man and how wide!


New Law!

The Government has brought a new law into to power well there is actually 2 new laws for school 1 for children not to were earings in P.E time. The other one is to know your times tables by Year 4 also there will be tests every so often. We year 6 had a test on Tuesday Charlotte who is helping me do this blog got 42 out of 48 and I (Shannon) got 44 out of 48.

Shannon Charlotte

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