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Rehearsal of the consert

Today key stage 2 was practacing the Christmas concert in the key stage 1 hall. The first song we had to sing was Christmas hit. The people kept on getting stuck on some of the parts but we learnt it on the Friday the week before the actual concert. The other songs we are singing are child in a manger born, this Christmas time, starry night and nothing else.



By Abigaill W

Merry Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas.Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Have you put up your lights? I love Christmas.It’s my favourite time of the year.My Christmas tree is so big it is covered in baubles and tinsel.

By Shannon

Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Christmas jumper day where you wear a Christmas jumper with your normal school clothes. Not everybody owns a Christmas jumper so some people have just come in Christmas t-shirts. We are wearing Christmas jumpers for St Gemma’s.


christmas songs

We’re having a Christmas show soon and we’re singing lots of songs. Each class has a song to sing and a poem to read out. The song we’re singing is called Up On The Housetop it goes like this…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                    up on the housetop reindeer paws out jumps good old Santa Clause down through the chimney with lots of toys all for the little ones Christmas joys ho ho ho who wouldn’t go ho ho ho who wouldn’t go up on the housetop click click click down through the chimney with good saint Nick                                                                                                                                                                                We also have a poem called Nothingmas day

By Abigail L

dinosaur explanation

Yesterday I was thinking about doing  dinosaur facts but not only land,  marine it means under water . I’m not going to tell you now I might but if other children in the school come to me I will tell you if you want and the person you will need to go to its Kiera.

written by Kiera 

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