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Yesterdays surprise

Yesterday after school I went to the shop and I got two things the things I got are a scrapbook and a painting. First I did the painting it was a Christmas painting and it had numbers on it so I know which  colour to do it. It took me until I had my tea. I did not do my scrapbook because I did not have time to do it because I had to go to bed but I am having a go tonight I think it will be fun it has got lots of things inside it so that I can make lots of things.


By Abigaill Wheatley

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3 thoughts on “Yesterdays surprise

  1. ellie on said:

    Well done Abigaill:-)

  2. ellie on said:

    Did you have good fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. connor on said:

    Very good but long blog tho,did you enjoy

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