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Yesterdays surprise

Yesterday after school I went to the shop and I got two things the things I got are a scrapbook and a painting. First I did the painting it was a Christmas painting and it had numbers on it so I know which  colour to do it. It took me until I had my tea. I did not do my scrapbook because I did not have time to do it because I had to go to bed but I am having a go tonight I think it will be fun it has got lots of things inside it so that I can make lots of things.


By Abigaill Wheatley

Hacker Voting

On the 17th of November, my group won the vote. In my group there was Kadie, Aleah, Kiera, Demi-Leigh they were the ones in my group.Every group made their own Hacker up then we did a vote on who gets to show it in assembly ours was chosen it went like this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Peanut Butter Resses cup you mess with us will kick your but are hands are high are feet are low and that’s the way the year 5’s go we got it arrrrgh       we got it arrrrgh       aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Written by Abigail Larkin

Our own hacker

Today in assembly 2 classes did the hacker .Them groups were y6 and y5. I don’t know who really was in the year 6 group but I know who was in the year 5 group .Those  people were Kadie, Aleah , Abigail L , Demi  and me Kiera so we did basically a competition  and I think year 6 won they might of got the most votes. 


this was our hacker

peanut butter

recess cup

you mess with us we kick your butt

our hand are high our feet are low

and thats the way the wild five go

we got it ( grrr ) we got it  ( grrr ) AGHHHHHHHH!!!!

written by Kiera

healthy eating

Today two of us (me and Niamh) finished our big write early so miss pickup told us to make the healthy eating dinner to enter it to the school dinner competition, to see if we could be the winner and get the dinner as a dinner to eat. Our dinner is chicken curry, rice, corm on the cob and naan bread “Yummy” they said.I wanted to have our dinner as stew, chicken stew with dumplings that’s what I would say “Yummy”.


Bullying Posters

During anti-bullying week, Y6 have been dong anti-bullying posters which Miss Pickup was very impressed with! We spent a couple of days on them just to make sure they were all finished. Eventually they all turned out really good and eye-catching with all the bright colours. Chloe and Shannon in my group drew super heroes, one girl and on boy, and they turned out amazing!

By LydiaDSC00857

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