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Dressing Up

Today for children in need we all dressed up as super heroes,in no uniform and in yellow. I was dressed up as my own super hero that I made and I named it Flower power and my best friend Kiera looks like she’s dressed up as Cat Women but she actually made her own Hero up called Miss Justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Abigail L


children in need dress up day

On children in need day in grimes dyke school dressed up as superheros. Today people are dressing up as different things some people dress up as bat man, super girl, super man and cat woman those things are the things that people dress up as. Some people even have a cape and some people have no cape but they have their school uniform on like Lewis and Ryan. Brogan did not dress up she just dressed up in normal cloths. Everyone had to bring a pound in if they dressed up.

By Abigaill Wheatley

Children in need.

Today it is Children In Need.We have been talking all about why children in need is so important.last year I think I was the best.I brought in 30 pounds for the people who are suffering through something that has changed their lives.I know that I was the best because Mrs Read said I did a good big write which was based on Children In Need.DSC00870WE ALL DRESSED UP OR IT WAS NON UNIFORM!

Remembrance Sunday !

DSC00866On Wednesday we all cut out a poppy and did an assembly on the soldiers that have died we also did the 2 minute silence.We then took it year group by year group and stuck them on a pillar in the KS2 hall.



On Thursday we did ukulele with Mrs Vastel. We learnt the name of the strings those are G,C.E,A  and a new game where we sing a little song. After the song one person plays a string and another person plays another string and we have to figure out what pich it is it could be high or low.

By Kiera

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