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On a Friday I afternoon with mrs Farrell we go to the ICT sweet in school. We learn about podcasts and my partner was Keira. Keira always gets to listen to the podcast first and I always listen to it second. I like doing podcasts because you get to speak into a mikrophone. I have to answer to Keira’s question.


By Abigaill Wheatley

Fishtank day

Today I got a new fish and it is dorie we even called it dorie. After school we came to see it and it was black, yellow and blue. I love the Christmas songs but I like the fish better but I don’t mean the fish that you eat! Can I tell you a joke why do people go near fire while going to work?Cause your a firerwork ha ha ha ha ha that is the end of  y story!

my birthday

On december the 2 its my birthday and cant wait I am going to be 11 “yes” my mum is taking me shopping on the friday I want some new shoes if I get some I will be happy

Shannon x

School consort

Soon it is going to be a school consort. But ks 1 are doing a consort in their own k stage and ks 2 are doing a consort in their own k stage. The parents are also coming to see the consorts and I think my mum and dad will like our consort but I also think that my Aunty is coming to see our consort. In fact me and my sister Amber will be sleeping at my Aunty Dorothy’s tonight we do that every Friday.


Written By Abigaill

DYCA assessment

Today me, Kennedy, Kelsey and Joshua S had an assessment to get into DYCA for High School. There were lots of children and we sat in a sports hall at a desk each. Each section of the paper (4 sections) had different tasks including finding the odd one out and which one comes next in the pattern.


Assembly Surprise

This morning in assembly there was one person from each class who won a prize because there’s a contest on best dream house. I am one of the people that won I won a arts and craft kit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     By Abigail Larkin

Non uniform day and class colours

Today is non uniform day YAY! But we have to give our teachers some chocolate for the Christmas fair  its sad for some people who love chocolate so much .

Also all the classes are doing colors so year 5 have orange ,  year 6 have gold and year 2 have  purple.

Written by Kiera 

Christmas songs

Christmas is nearly here. We have stared our Christmas song well ks2 have. Year 6s song is band aid 30 i chosen it.


Yesterdays surprise

Yesterday after school I went to the shop and I got two things the things I got are a scrapbook and a painting. First I did the painting it was a Christmas painting and it had numbers on it so I know which  colour to do it. It took me until I had my tea. I did not do my scrapbook because I did not have time to do it because I had to go to bed but I am having a go tonight I think it will be fun it has got lots of things inside it so that I can make lots of things.


By Abigaill Wheatley

Hacker Voting

On the 17th of November, my group won the vote. In my group there was Kadie, Aleah, Kiera, Demi-Leigh they were the ones in my group.Every group made their own Hacker up then we did a vote on who gets to show it in assembly ours was chosen it went like this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Peanut Butter Resses cup you mess with us will kick your but are hands are high are feet are low and that’s the way the year 5’s go we got it arrrrgh       we got it arrrrgh       aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Written by Abigail Larkin

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