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Y5 museum trip

On Wednesday Y5 went to the museum in town. Two children were away sadly but everybody else had fun we had partners i was with Abigail. We saw a mummy its hands,head and feet were unbandaged it was really really creepy. Part of his ear and nose were cut off  creepy! There was a little game were you had to choose a Egyptian person like a rich lady or farmer so its like poor to rich also there were some  holes where you can feel whats inside them but you cant actually see it. One of them was a brain! It wasn’t real! If it was real it would be a mushy squishy thing eww. 

written by Kiera 

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5 thoughts on “Y5 museum trip

  1. Mrs Carver on said:

    I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the trip to the museum, I am sure that you all learnt lots about egyptians. I hope you didn’t get too wet as it was raining heavily on Wednesday.

  2. Yey Kiera you put me in are sokoto true that mummy was creepy.

    From Abigail L

  3. amelia on said:

    Happy everyone enjoyed the trip=)

  4. connor on said:

    Wish I was there but I was on holiday in Egypt in sharm

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