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Black History Month

Was life good as a slave?

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34 thoughts on “Black History Month

  1. Charlotte on said:

    Being a slave was not good because it meant years of laboring with no pay!

  2. Chloe on said:

    No!!!! I think it’s shocking what they did to the slaves!

  3. shona on said:

    black history month is very interesting.Our class is learning about slavery and about Harriot Tubman.

  4. Niamh on said:

    No it was horrible because you got whipped and you dont get payed any money for working.The Masters only give you a piece of bread and some water so you dont starve.

  5. Kelsey-Leigh on said:

    It definitly not a good thing being a slave because you had to work for a someone who did not respect you or the right you were entitled to!!

  6. Rio on said:

    Life was not very good as a slave,because you didnt get any rights to do anything. You have to do anything that your master tells you what to do.

  7. dana on said:

    No becaus
    e they got whipped because they didn’t finish there work.They tide them up and whipped them.

  8. lee richardson on said:

    I think not because they have to work for no money and they also get abused if they don’t do better than last time,another reason is that they have to sleep like sardines.

  9. Caleb on said:

    Life was definitely not good because white people treated black people unfairly also they whipped them.Some slaves tried to escape but the slave catchers hunted them down just for money.

  10. Kennedy on said:

    Life as a slave was horrible people would be forced to work for no money and only little food and water. they wouldn’t have their own clothes or even their names.

  11. Billy on said:

    Life wasn’t good as a slave because you were forced to do something even if they didn’t want to.they were stripped of there clothes there name was changed and they didn’t get to see their family.

  12. Charlotte on said:

    Year 6 are learing about slavery and we all thought that it was disgusting what they did to the slaves.Some masters were actually nice but others were horried!

  13. Niamh on said:

    I agree with everyone it was a terrible possition to be in and if you wish you was a slave you would regret it after reading all the posts.

  14. No because slaves were treated unfairly mostly because of the color of there skin and had no rights or freedom.They were also hurt using whips,guns,stones and other weapons and they often had scars all over there body because of them.

  15. emily on said:

    No!!!!!They wasn’t treated right because they didn’t get looked after.I think it was shocking because they got whipped!

  16. Jaipheth on said:

    In the past the white American’s did not treat the black people fairly. They had to work for no money.

  17. joshua on said:

    I think been a slave would be sad because you would get whipped chained to other people and not fed much food.

  18. Aidan on said:

    Nope! It was a very horrible century because people should be treated like everyone else should so you would not want to live in the 19 century.

  19. joshua sayers on said:

    I think it is wrong because the slaves need to work for no money although they work there hardest to try and impress the master they are working for, so it is sad.

  20. Kelsey-Leigh on said:

    The pupils in the year six classroom are learning about the damage that slavery did to the poor choislass people.

  21. Nathan D on said:

    Life as a slave was horrible. When you were on The Middle Passage they used to fill in your scars with hot tar and they used to scrub you to make look healthier for the slave auction.

  22. Cidnie on said:

    Black history month is interesting because we get to learn about the past. Life was not good as a slave because they got whipped if they didn’t do something that the master told them to do or if they wasn’t doing it quick enough.

  23. Jamie on said:

    No because they all got whipped and they didn’t get treated fairly. They were forced to work without money.They was scrubbed very hard so they look healthy ready for the auction.

  24. Shannon on said:

    Being a slave is not good when you first become a slave you get your clothes taken off of you and your name is also changed. You live in a hut like sardines in a tin.

  25. It is the most horrible thing ever because people didn’t have any rights and were treated differently because of there skin color.

  26. Nathan on said:

    Life was not good as a slave because they were not free to do what they want. If they spoke about something (their families or animals) during work, they would be whipped!

  27. emily on said:

    NO!!!I think
    they should of been treated the same because every body is the same.

  28. Macauley on said:

    I think slavery is a bad thing because people only get anough food to stay alive for the master.I don’t like slavery because people get whipped beaten or killed.I think it is cruel.

  29. Chloe on said:

    It was horrible in 12 years of a slave I could not imagine what it felt like being whipped and only having enough food to survive on and if you try to escape you would be hunted down by slave catchers.

  30. shona on said:

    Jaipheth your right it was a horrible century to live in and how black american’s or african’s is not nice

  31. porscha on said:

    beeing a slave is sad but getting whipped dous hurt a lot.

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