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On a Friday after school I sleepover at my anti Dorothy’s house. I bring lots of things. The things I bring are my Tablet,phone,books,coloring books,writing books and monopoly. last night I went to the optitions and I had to wait for a long time. First I went in to the room where you put your chin on the gold chin thing and you look through the camera. then I went into the next room to check if I need some glasses I did not need glasses I saw some lovely glasses.

By Abigaill

The new bloggers

Yesterday we finally got our new bloggers and they are Abigail and Abigaill both in year 5. They’re both blogging right now. Abigaill W  is writing about her sleepover and the other Abigail L is writing about lunchtime and she is even including me how nice of Abigail L no wonder she is my best friend.

Before Aleah left we made a song and we never got to finish writing it. We ran out of time it was

happy llama, sad llama, totally disturb, super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama

llama llama llama who is that llama llama llama ….. is that llama!

By Kiera 

Lunch time

Today at lunch time it was very noisy. I was sat next to my best friend Kiera and opposite Mrs Farrell. Today Teresa our  Chef came back. I had a packed lunch and it was delicious. 

By Abigail L

Doing a test

Today Year 6 did a test, it had 11 questions I got 6 right. It was really hard but it was really fun!


At playtime me,Ellie,Kasey,Brogan,Lewis and Demi-Lee play tig family together. I am mostly always on. When I am on I can never get them all but when I do they are on with me. I defently can not get Lewis he is really fast! When Lewis is on he gets me strait away I have to always be on with him. When we go back into year 5 classroom we had to eat our lunch quickly because we had to set off to go to the leeds city museum we got to see lots of things I even dressed up. I dressed up as a panda and a tiger I looked funny.

By Abigaill

Y5 museum trip

On Wednesday Y5 went to the museum in town. Two children were away sadly but everybody else had fun we had partners i was with Abigail. We saw a mummy its hands,head and feet were unbandaged it was really really creepy. Part of his ear and nose were cut off  creepy! There was a little game were you had to choose a Egyptian person like a rich lady or farmer so its like poor to rich also there were some  holes where you can feel whats inside them but you cant actually see it. One of them was a brain! It wasn’t real! If it was real it would be a mushy squishy thing eww. 

written by Kiera 

Black History Month

Was life good as a slave?

Use the comments box to share your ideas.

A new y5 blogging space available

Sadly Aleah has quit blogging and Clarisa has took her place for today. So if any y5 children responce to this blog they will make it on the list to becoming the blogger and a partner with me Kiera. You can do so many things well not exacly. You do blogs you can put pictures font but only bold and italic so it is fun being a blogger its not only typing on a computer  its really interesting so come and join the blogging world.   

Mrs Read goes to Croatia!!!!!

Mrs Read went to Croatia and doesn’t know how much money she spent! So Mrs Read made us figure it out by using her recites. I worked with Kiera and we think the price she spent was ….. £204.60 !!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are not sure yet and neither does Mrs Read!Mrs Read found Croatian money pretty confusing.


Ancient Egypt /Howard Carter

This week in year 6 Destiny and Alexia have been learning about Howard Carter and it was really interesting and fun. We wrote a News Paper Report and we learned lots of new things about Tuts tomb discovery.At first i thought it was going to be boring but when we got into it it was actually very good.

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