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Summer Holidays !

My summer holidays were good! I got to meet up with my best friend Destiny twice.The first time we went to Lotherton hall and took selfies with ice cream.Then we went to York Maze together and I nearly broke her arm by sitting on it whilst on the way down the slide.We also went on a big bouncy pillow and had lots of fun.



Moving to year6

On Monday the old year 5 moved to year 6.It was very fun and also a little bit is Friday today and since we came back to school Miss Pickup has been a very good teacher.Today we have being building pyramids,i worked with Mollie,and Lydia.we got the most likes.

we’ve had a very good time in year ¬†6 so far.


going back to school

On Wednesday we all went back to school. Some people wanted to go back and some people didn’t. When we came back we had a new topic year 5 got Ancient Egypt we did facts,creating one and actually making one with clay and other materials you could of used clay,lollypop sticks and art straw.

y5 Pyramids! and my holiday

In year 5 we did pyramids and me and Kiera  made a clay brick pyramid it didnt really go well we made the river nile in the background and we used sand as of course sand for sand we made palm trees we really had fun making it i got it all over my shirt it was so messy! Paint was allover the chairs.


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