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South Africa

What are some of the favourite facts you have learnt about South Africa?

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7 thoughts on “South Africa

  1. amelia on said:

    My faverat fact was when a aripane go past and all the players came out and it said good luck.

  2. ellie on said:

    I really like learning about south Africa.
    It was really fun.

  3. simon on said:

    I like learning about the rugby team

  4. aleah on said:

    My faverioute fact was when Nelson Mandela helped black people become part of south afriaca

  5. emma on said:

    Learning about Nelson Mandela

  6. Thomas on said:

    I like the big five they are elephant,lion,buffal,lepord and rhino

  7. Kasey on said:

    We are sending books to south Africa and also asking the school to bring books in to send to south Africa because they have hardly any books and if had fun learning about Nelson Mandela’s life

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