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Leaver’s Assembly

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house today!  It was the Year 6’s leavers assembly.  The staff thoroughly embarrassed the whole class with their memories of the children.  Mrs Wilcox had also written a fabulous poem about the whole class but couldn’t bring herself to read it out, so Mrs Smith did.  Well done Mrs Smith – you held it together!

We will miss you all – good luck at High School!

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Grimes Dyke’s Got Talent

Yesterday was our annual Grimes Dyke’s Got Talent competition.  The talent on display was amazing!  All the children that took part were very talented indeed, as well as being incredibly brave to stand up there and perform in front of the whole school.  Some of my favourites were Uptown Funk and Joshua’s It’s My Life!

It was a tough competition but in the end the judges came to a decision.  THe results, in reverse order, were:

3rd – Caleb and his band singing Hall of Fame

2nd – Year 5 gymnastics

1st – Year 2 singing The Witches Brew


Today is toy day for year 5 the rest of school watched a film. I brout a build a bear promise pet that is a dog and Aleah brout loom bands.When Mrs Read told us to stop Aleah gave me 4 presents that was a cute bunny rabbit that can roll and has a green nappy,a purple and pink bed,a carrot with some milk.

Today we had a toy day!! I brought loom bands and a book that people can sing i gave Kiera presents And I played family game i had 4 kids and a husband.

By Aleah and Kiera ❤


On Friday year 6 and 7 went on the Waterslide.

It was good,we all got soapy and wet.


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South Africa

What are some of the favourite facts you have learnt about South Africa?

South Africa


Lots of animals live in south africa like the big 5 and the big five is an african group of animals that are a lion, a african elephant, a cape buffalo, black or white rhino and leopards.

Lots more animals live in south africa than the big 5 the rest of the animals are cheetahs,ostritches,jaguars , gazzsels and more.

Nelson Mandela!!!

In the first week of year 5 we learnt about south africa we did nelson mandela he got sent to prison from trying to overthrow the goverment and treason.

Kiera and Aleah

John Smeaton Academy

On Thursday the new year 6 went to John Smeaton Academy.The school is really big,and we found out that there is 1000 pupils at the school.I saw my sister and apparently i went bright red,like a tomato.


Letting the Butterflies go!!

Today we had to let the gorgeous coral butterflies go.We all gathered around in a circle whilst watching Miss Pickup stand in the middle letting them go she gently released them.But 1 or 2 of them was a bit mischievous they wouldn’t go and they were hiding underneath the tissue but we did get to release them.


Cannon Hall Farm

On Thursday morning all the school set off to go to cannon hall.At Cannon Hall there is loads of equipment there.       157  183


Today’s Big Write!

Today we did a recount about Cannon Hall Farm with Miss Pickup.Then after I watched Paddington.157206193


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