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Sports day

On Friday the whole school does a sports day. on Monday miss Hill got the school into seperate teams and we all went of to find out what races people are doing.when it came to sports day it was brilliant watching the little children do the races because it was really cute.we found out a week on that day that green team won sports day .Connor is in the green team.

Destiny and Connor

Growing Plants

In year 5 we have been looking at life cycles of plants and we are growing some. They have all sprouted except from 1 which is probably mine !


Take One Picture

Last week was take one picture week in school.  All the classes completed work related to this years picture: Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough.

Return of Miss Pickup!

Last week we had the best news EVER! We are having Miss Pickup in year 6 we had her in year five but she was training to be a qualified teacher and in year 6 shes coming back as a qualified teacher. YEY !!


The catterpillars dying

Recently year 5 have had some caterpillars but unfortunately they found out that Mrs Farell had killed them.So hopfully we will get some more before we go into year 6.

connor and destiny

Take One Picture

This year’s picture is Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough.  Leave a comment to tell us what you think of the picture.

The Mona Lisa Returns!

In the holidays the Mona Lisa was stolen ! But thankfully today Mr Jennings brought it back today it was dumped in our school pond and to make it harder to find whoever stole it put a green blanket over it to camouflage it into the plants.

DSC00407 DSC00409 DSC00410


Missing Mona Lisa

in the holidays the priceless Mona Lisa was stolen by well we think that it was stolen by a tall man all in black.But we did find it today.


Roman Numerals

In maths this week we’ve been learning Roman numbers ,Roman addition and Roman secret words.On Monday we started to do 1 to 10 then the next day we did 1 to 100.

Here is 1 to 5








on Monday 1 June caterpillars arrived in the yr 5 class room.Year 5 in science have been learning about animals life cycles so we have been sent some caterpillars to see how they grow and what they go through when there growing up.

i think the caterpillars will gradually get bigger and bigger and they finally start fluttering after they have grown a bit better in there cocoons.


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