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Converting measures with milk

On Thursday morning in maths we were Converting measures with milk.We did it with Mrs Farrell.Mrs farrell got some milk cartons from reception inconspicuously and she measured how much milk there was in the carton.It was funny because Mrs Farrell nearly spilled  the milk on the table when she was pouring it.

we fund out that there are 568 ml’s in 1 pint

Destiny and Connor

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2 thoughts on “Converting measures with milk

  1. Mrs Smith on said:

    I am so pleased Mrs Farrell was ‘inconspicuous’ when she took the milk from Reception! I am glad you used it to help you learn more about measuring. If I can help provide any more resources to aid your learning, please feel free to ask. You know where I am.
    Mrs Smith.

  2. I think if I saw that I would think its funny.

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