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Converting measures with milk

On Thursday morning in maths we were Converting measures with milk.We did it with Mrs Farrell.Mrs farrell got some milk cartons from reception inconspicuously and she measured how much milk there was in the carton.It was funny because Mrs Farrell nearly spilled  the milk on the table when she was pouring it.

we fund out that there are 568 ml’s in 1 pint

Destiny and Connor

Natinal dance like a chiken day

Natinal dance like a Chicken day is where every body dances like a chicken and we danced to spring chicken.

useful link

Mona Lisa

On Tuesday afternoon Mollie and Jaipheth from year 5 found a letter  and on the wall something was covered up. The letter was about a painting called the Mona Lisa by Learnardo DaVinci It is 1 of the famouse  paintings in the world.

Big Write!

Today we had to re-draft our big write that we wrote last week our teacher Mrs Read was proud of me because I used the word Zealous.We had to write a story about a swing that was moving in the middle of no-where.

Y6 SATs 2015

In the UK all the primary schools (including ours) have to do SATs. SATs are lots of test through out the week. In our school, when we have finished our SATs, we have lots of treats including watching films, extra play and going to the ICT suite. On our first day of SATs  I was late for school and I got special treatment because I had breakfast in the inclusion suite. So did Nathan.W.

By Lizzie Y6

Exciting news from Yr5

We brought the general election to the yr5 classroom and we had 4 candidates they were Nathan D,Josh S,Niamh and Alexia.

We all voted and Mrs Read chose Jaipheth and Marlie to be the counters they counted all the votes and revealed the news to the candidates.Unsurprisingly Nathan D got duly elected.

How to be an MP

You have to be a very good at the job and commited to do the job. There is 260 Mp’s in the world.You have to get up early to get to work.You have to work well and when its your time to speak you have to speak loudly and clearly to have a speak in the  Houses of Parliament.

By Emily.

genral eletion

Yesterday Year 5 had a look on one website and found out that Labour were in the lead of the Genral election but the day after the Genral election we found out that the conservative had won.

(The Queen must be sick of seaing David Cameron.

By Rio

polling station

On Thursday it was election day and in KS 1 hall we had a polling station where people can vote. Miss read checked with 1 of the guards if we could go and have a look at the polling station.As we got there we had 2 minutes and then we were told to go out because no children are allowed in.With our 2 minutes we saw a woman choosing her party we also saw a security

guard guarding the entrance.

By Destiny and Connor

General Election! 2015

We are going to tell you about the general election. These are the people running for prime minister:

Ed Miliband (Labour)

David Cameron (Conservative)

Nigel Farage ( UKIP)

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)

Who do you want to win?

Lizzie and Bradley-Leigh   Y6

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