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Easter parade

Today  in  assembly there was a Easter Bonnet Parade.

Everyone in KS1  made a  Bonnet.  

And there  was  a  competition  in every class and they  got  a  yummy   Easter egg  if they  won.

Kadie and Emma

Easter Holidays Tomorrow

Easter holidays are just round the corner with sun shine breeze and probably lots of delicious sweets and chocolate eggs. Probably you’ll be getting something else like me and my little sister. Our mum will get eggs but our dad is getting a juicy,jumbo american sweet box!! I hope you have so much fun on Easter, guys. Bye!! 🙂



Some of the year 5’s and 6’s went to a rugby tournament. First we did some training then we had lunch and finally we had the tournament. We won 1 we lost 1 and we drew 2.


Easter Sunday

On Sunday it is Easter and we will find are Easter eggs it will be so fun I will wish my mum happy Easter.I will eat my Easter eggs they will be so yummy.

by Gabriel and jessica

Easter raffle

Today in assembly we did a Easter raffle the prizes were a caramel Easter egg and a twirl Easter egg nobody won so Miss Hill decided to send a text home to see if anybody has won.

By Kayley

Easter story

In year 5 we have being learning about the Easter story.We read parts of the Easter story and then the day after we wrote a summary of the story.


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