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This week and last week year 4 were learning about rivers and the sections of a river. We learnt about the source of a river that is the start of a river that section is called the upper course were a river begins. There’s a meandering part of a river that’s a winding path that goes faster as it goes down near the sea or the ocean .The middle section of a river is called a middle course. The end of a river when the river goes into the sea or ocean its called a mouth it gets really fast and that’s called the old river where the river goes really wide into the sea.

By Kayley year 4 

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5 thoughts on “Rivers

  1. summer on said:

    thhere are a lot of facts on rivers

  2. thomas hallam on said:

    At the end it goes really slow and not really fast.

  3. Thankyou summer.

    • jess on said:

      can you look at my post please but you could do better than my any day well done you learn me a lot about rivers

  4. jess on said:

    good work

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