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Mediator Jenna

First day of mediating  was Monday, I was so freaked out when Mrs Zurbriski told me but i’m used to it now . When someone sees a problem they comes to me! Every thing is like: Oh look Jenna that person has fallen but then i say no it’s a problem a teacher needs to sort out.



This week and last week year 4 were learning about rivers and the sections of a river. We learnt about the source of a river that is the start of a river that section is called the upper course were a river begins. There’s a meandering part of a river that’s a winding path that goes faster as it goes down near the sea or the ocean .The middle section of a river is called a middle course. The end of a river when the river goes into the sea or ocean its called a mouth it gets really fast and that’s called the old river where the river goes really wide into the sea.

By Kayley year 4 

Miss Pickup leaving

Yesterday afternoon we recieved  some bad news Miss pick up was leaving.Miss Pickup is a traing to be a teacher and is leaving us to go back to College there they will decide wether she is going to be a good enough teacher or if she has to go through her training again.Year5 had to decied if she was good enough to be a real teatcher.

.DSC00315This is her leaving photo.

Rio and Mollie

Cricket rounders

Tuesday in year 4 we played Cricket rounders with Mr postal we were in teams of fielders and batters.  people was very fast runners.   Mr postal threw the ball low down to reach and bat the ball and our team lost.

From Amelia, Kadie    


history of grimes dyke

There was a person called grimes he built a ditch called grim`s ditch to protect grimes dyke from the Romans and it worked it was a good idea to do it he was a good man he protect grimes dyke.

by Gabriel and Jessica

Golden Time

Golden time is so good when you get to do funny things with your friends and your school youngers!

And I’m in fitness club because ill like to play bench ball as well as playing dogeball and crab football!

By Declan

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